Academic Education

o  Privatdozent in Biogeography

University of Basel, Switzerland                                                    2014

Habilitation Title ‘Oldest Rainforest in Africa? Does the pattern of biological diversity correlate with environmental history’.

o   Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics

University of Glasgow and Natural History Museum, London     2001-2006

Ph.D. Dissertation Title ‘Systematics and biogeography of amphibians of the Eastern Arc Mts’.

o   M.Sc. Advanced methods in Biodiversity and Taxonomy

Imperial College and the Natural History Museum, London      1998-1999

Lecture course and MSc thesis on systematics of caecilian amphibians

o  B.Sc. Zoology

University of Leeds                                                                            1995-1998

Lecture course and B.Sc. thesis on the behavioural ecology of sticklebacks